Intralux Australia is totally committed to ensuring all of its products and systems comply (or exceed) all the relevant industry standards and requirements.
Why Worry About Compliance?

  • Legal requirements
  • Safety issues
  • Quality conformance
  • International standard requirements
  • Product performance
  • Product attributes, i.e. impact testing
  • Market opportunities
  • Buyer assistance

What is the meaning of UL?
UL is an abbreviation for the Underwriters Laboratory Inc, a USA based internationally recognised conformity assessment organistion. They provide service to organisations during the complete product development cycle, from design to ensuring consistent compliance with all technical and safety requirements.

They specialise in the electrical and electronic industry sectors, catering for IT, and telecommunications equipment, medical and laboratory equipment, industrial controllers, cables, plastics, household and commercial appliances, plus of course, lighting.

The ‘UL’ mark confirms that products have been tested and evaluated to strict and rigorous safety standards that are recognised on an international basis.

The extensive testing which is undertaken obviously depends upon the product type and associated application, but generally the process includes :
Witness Test Data Programme
Client Test Data Programme
Compliance Management and Product Assurance Programme
Total Certification Programme

What is the “D” mark?
This is a voluntary safety mark registered and provided by UL-Demko.
The “D” mark demonstrates that the tested product complies with the requirements in :

  • Harmonised standards
  • International standards
  • National standards
  • Other standards
  • Other relevant parts of the abovementioned standards that form the basis of the certification.

Certification is based on the physical testing of one or more specimens, i.e.type testing. The manufacturer has the obligation to ensure the product complies precisely with the tested product. By affixing a D-mark to the product, manufacturers are indicating product safety has not been compromised in anyway.

What is the “CE” mark?
“CE” is an abbreviation for “Communaute Europeene”, and was introduced by the European Commission, which has direct responsibilities for manufacturing compliance and safety regulations. The “CE” is a mandatory requirement within the EEC, and involves the following aspects :

  • Harmonised standards
  • Product evaluations in relation to standards and safety regulations
  • Quality system audits
  • Product Compliance

All Intralux Australia products are compliant with the above international standards, and to our knowledge Intralux is the only Australian luminaire manufacturing site to be certified by both UL and Demko. A rigorous audit process is conducted several times per annum from both organizations to ensure continued compliance to the certification.