Intralux Secures IES Luminaire Design Award 2012

By Intralux on Monday, February 18 th, 2013

‘Another award to join the wall of recognition from the IES for outstanding product design for Intralux’.

Kove Professional makes indirect lighting easier than ever before with the slim fixture footprint as well as its high performance Osram SLS Seamless T5 lamps offering high performance illumination. Due to the utilization of the lamps, not only does this present as an energy efficient lighting solution but also as a highly energy efficient lighting design tool to create the ultimate ambience for every lighting design application

Intralux is very excited to win this award, as it seems all of our hard work has paid off. Twenty-four months of research and development was carried out during the design and development process of this product including the simulation of over 100 reflector designs to squeeze every possible bit of light from the fixture.

Intralux has a unique position in that they are one of very few Australian product manufacturers that not only export globally but also hold global compliance on their products. These include both Demko and C-UL covering the European and North American markets

Be sure to contact Intralux Australia today to see how you can use Kove Professional in your next project!

Jenny Loqvist (Designer) & David Tilbury (Managing Director) – Intralux