Kove LED Mini

Kove LED Mini is the latest generation of Intralux’s indirect cove lighting family. The Kove LED Mini family consists of 5 product types to suit many pelmet lighting applications. Utilizing a remote driver, and constant voltage LED system, the product offers a much small dimensional footprint compared with the other member of the Kove Family.

Kove LED Mini Design features:

• Utilizing a remote driver, and a constant voltage LED systems, the product offers a much smaller dimensional footprint to other products within the Kove family.

• Shadow-free interconnection of fixtures offers seamless, and even light distribution throughout the space.

• Australian designed and assembled.

Kove LED Mini arrives fully factory assembled and only requires connection to a power source.

• An exceptional choice for feature lighting, under cabinet installations and low-intensity cove lighting.

Intralux Australia offers a 5 Year Limited Warranty on Kove LED Mini.

Kove LED Mini Technical features:

• A large array of colour options varying from warm white through to cool white (2400K, 2700K, 3000K, & 4000K), Tunable White (2800K to 6500K) and RGB

• Offered in a range of configurations with varying outputs and CRI levels.

• Three profile design options, Classic (symmetric), Quadrant (asymmetric) and Recessed for various lighting applications.

• Compatible with most dimming platforms including Analogue (1-10V), DSI, DMX and DALI.

• Available in custom lengths upon ordering and can also be shortened onsite for hassle-free installation.

• Polycarbonate diffusers are also customizable for Kove LED Mini offering even more options with both frosted and matte finishes available.

• Utilizes a 24VDC power connection for rapid, safe installation.

• Mounting clips are factory supplied standard with this product along with factory fitted, micro connectors for simple installation.


• Ceiling illumination from perimeter pelmet at the top of a wall
• Ceiling illumination from a center pelmet
• Wall illumination from a perimeter pelmet at edge of the ceiling
• Circular coves
• Ceiling Light Slots
• Floating walls

Ideal for shopping malls, airports, restaurants, and lobbies.


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