Kove LED Professional

Kove LED is the latest generation of Intralux’s indirect cove lighting family. The Kove LED family consists of 3 product types to suit every pelmet lighting application. All products feature the same specifically designed optical chamber including a configuration of precise internal reflector and LED module together with a diffuser. This configuration results in a high lumen output coupled with the smooth light distribution for Intralux’s Kove products are renowned. All members of the Kove LED family are full integrated featuring a ‘Plug+Go’ connection system to enable rapid, no fuss installation – direct to mains power with no remote drivers. .  The three family members are Kove LED AdjustableKove LED Professional and Kove LED Tunable.

As with all Intralux Kove products, Kove LED features fully integrated control gear, easy ‘plug+go’ installation and fully dimmable drivers.  Kove LED incorporates a specially designed optical package including a precise reflector and LED module configuration – resulting in high output as well as the famously smooth light distribution of the Intralux Kove family.

Kove LED Professional Technical features:

  • Offered in 3 lengths 575mm, 1135mm and 2815mm
  • High Efficiency (HE) and High Output
  • Fixture lumens: up to 3002m/m
  • Fixture wattage: up to 40W/m
  • Colour Temperatures: 2700K, 3000K and 4000K
  • Dimmable (DALI/DSI) and Fixed Output
  • Interconnection of up to 60m of Kove LED Tunable through one power circuit.*
  • Colour consistency within 3 step MacAdam


• Ceiling illumination from perimeter pelmet at the top of a wall
• Ceiling illumination from a centre pelmet
• Wall illumination from a perimeter pelmet at edge of ceiling
• Circular coves
• Ceiling Light Slots
• Floating walls

Ideal for shopping malls, airports, restaurants, and lobbies.


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