Enepro Xicato

Enepro Xicato is the next generation member of the Enepro downlighter family utilizing Xicato technology renowned for its industry leading colour consistency. The Xicato module is the only LED with a 5 year warranty on Colour Consistency & Lumen Maintenance. Enepro Xicato is a high performance downlight designed with a deep recessed engine for minimal glare.

Enepro X-XS is a high performance ‘pocked rocket’ downlight with up to 1170 fixture lumens yet a small fixture profile has been achieved without compromising the thermal management. Enepro X-XL is a larger style, high performance downlight with a luminous output of up to 4100 fixture lumens.


• 2 x Fixture designs: Fixed and Adjustable
• Adjustability of 25 degrees in the Adjustable model to offer ultimate design flexibility
• Two fixture footprints available – XS: Small Diameter of upto 26.9W XL: Large Diameter of upto 46.8W
• All LED modules are within 1×2 step MacAdam ellipse.
• The fixtures have been thermally validated by Xicato for upto 40°c ambient unlike the industry norm of 25°c
• All Enepro Xicatos’ are designed with a deep recessed LED engine for minimal glare
• A mixture of optics options including reflectors in both specular and faceted along with Lenses.
• Amazing Colour Rendering Index of 83 – 98. There are currently 4 LED specifications to choose from:
• Standard – CRI 83 provides light that is functional and superior to ceramic metal halide and fluorescent lamps.
• Vibrant – CRI 83 – brings out vivid, saturated colors and the details of texture for compelling and eye-catching visuals that capture and hold consumers’ attention.
• Beauty – CRI 95 – offers high ‘R9’ Value to deliver extraordinary clarity and fidelity with a warm, flattering ambiance.
• Artist – CRI 98 – is virtually indistinguishable from halogen-based light and gives Artist Series light an even richer feel compared to other sources.

• Available in IP20
• Product life span exceeding 50,000 hours at L80
• Designed with a purpose engineered heat sink to ensure the operating temperature is kept within the design parameters of the LED unit, even at 40ºc ambient.
• Fully photometered to LM79
• Australian Designed & Manufactured
• Intralux Australia offers a 5 year product warranty on the Enepro Xicato downlight.
• Xicato offers a “5 year Colour Consistency amd Lumen Maintenance Warranty” on all thermally validated Xicato luminaires.

This fixture is also available using the Xicato XIM Smart Module Technology. Click here for more.


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