Enepro Grow


• Enepro Grow has infiltrated the Green Wall market sector, offering a specialist luminaire that distributes an architecturally pleasing lighting outcome
whilst providing indoor plants the lighting requirements they need to survive, flourish and photosynthesize.

• There are two fixture footprints offering varied performances. Those two fixture footprints are Enepro Grow Cuboid and Enepro Grow Spot.

• Enepro Grow is an architecturally designed luminaire intended to facilitate plant growth within an indoor environment that is void of sunlight.

• Various beam options available including Narrow (26°), Medium (37°), Wide (58°) and two Oval Beams (58° x 28°) for ultimate lighting design control. This
flexibility enables the correct beam for the correct application therefore potentially limiting the quantity of luminaires required and ensuring the
plants are getting the lighting required.

• The Enepro Grow range houses integral gear (where required) for simplified installation and are available in DALI and Fixed Output control options.

• Both Surface Mount and 3C Lighting Track mounting are available for ease of installation into existing green wall tracks using a known method for

• A Colour Rendering Index (CRI) exceeding 90 offering true and natural colour rendition.

• Australian designed and manufactured in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

• Intralux Australia offers a 5 Year Limited Warranty on Enepro Grow.


• Feature Green/Grow Walls
• Internal Gardens

Intralux Enepro Grow Product Brochure.pdf

Intralux Enepro Grow Photometric IES Files