Versatile VL9050


• Versatile VL9050 is a fully integrated, continuous linear luminaire system using the latest LED technology.

• Many profile configurations:
• LED illumination with diffused cover – up to 2,784 lumens per metre
• LED illumination with continuous linear lens offering 5 beam optics – up to 4,851 lumens per metre
• LED illumination with louver offering a low glare (UGR <19), office compliant and available in 2 optical packages – 60° and 90° – up to 3,025       lumens per metre
• Minispot module
• Global track insert
• Up / down lighting – uplighting of up to 1,269 lumens per metre
• Blanking cover

• The plug+go connection system between VL9050 luminaires enable quick and easy installation as well as the ability
to achieve long interconnected run lengths of up to 50m – dependent on module configuration.

• Unified Glare Rating (UGR) options of These louvered optics enable strategic and direct light control with minimal field angle. VL9050 also offers a diffused cover offering allowing for a smooth glow rather than a direct light approach.

• A Colour Rendering Index (CRI) exceeding 90 offering true and natural illumination.

• Complete installation package offered including Wire Suspension Systems (up to 5 metres long), Rod Mounted Suspension System, Wall Mount System and more.

• Single ‘Stand-Alone’ fixtures form a part of the Versatile LED family – VL9050 ‘Simple’

• Product life span exceeding 50,000 hours at L80 and fully photometered to LM79.

• Available in 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and Tunable White (2700K-6500K)

• Australian designed and manufactured in Brisbane, Queensland.

• Intralux Australia offers a 5 Year Limited Warranty.


• Feature highlighting
• Simple indirect lighting solutions where pelmets are not an option.
• Highlighting ceiling features.

Versatile VL9050 Product Brochure

Versatile VL9050 Diffused Specification Information
Versatile VL9050 Continuous Linear Lens Specification Information
Versatile VL9050 Louvered Specification Information
Versatile VL9050 Global Trac Specification Information
Versatile VL9050 Mini Spot Specification Information
Versatile VL9050 Uplighter Specification Information

Versatile VL9050 Photometric IES Files

Versatile VL9050 Installation Guide
Versatile VL9050 Inline Fuseholder Replacement Instructions