Versatile VL9050


• Versatile VL9050 is a fully integrated, continuous linear luminaire system using the latest LED technology.

• Many profile configurations:
• LED illumination with diffused cover – up to 2,784 lumens per metre
• LED illumination with continuous linear lens offering 5 beam optics – up to 4,851 lumens per metre
• LED illumination with louver offering a low glare (UGR <19), office compliant and available in 2 optical packages – 60° and 90° – up to 3,025       lumens per metre
• Minispot module
• Global track insert
• Up / down lighting – uplighting of up to 1,269 lumens per metre
• Blanking cover

• The plug+go connection system between VL9050 luminaires enable quick and easy installation as well as the ability
to achieve long interconnected run lengths of up to 50m – dependent on module configuration.

• Unified Glare Rating (UGR) options of These louvered optics enable strategic and direct light control with minimal field angle. VL9050 also offers a diffused cover offering allowing for a smooth glow rather than a direct light approach.

• A Colour Rendering Index (CRI) exceeding 90 offering true and natural illumination.

• Complete installation package offered including Wire Suspension Systems (up to 5 metres long), Rod Mounted Suspension System, Wall Mount System and more.

• Single ‘Stand-Alone’ fixtures form a part of the Versatile LED family – VL9050 ‘Simple’

• Product life span exceeding 50,000 hours at L80 and fully photometered to LM79.

• Available in 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and Tunable White (2700K-6500K)

• Australian designed and manufactured in Brisbane, Queensland.

• Intralux Australia offers a 5 Year Limited Warranty.


• Feature highlighting
• Simple indirect lighting solutions where pelmets are not an option.
• Highlighting ceiling features.

Versatile VL9050 Brochure